Self-Experiment | Learn how to Snowboard in 4 hours instead of 3 days | A beginners’ guide


I’ve just returned from my first snowboarding trip ever, with massive success. I managed to  get cruising on my board in a mere 4 hours, compared to the average 3 days.
In those 4 hours, I managed turns, carving steep, intermediate runs and even a couple of tricks, despite never being on the snow before.

By the end of this post you’ll have a bombproof Cheat Sheet on how to hack your first time snowboarding, to yield the best results. I’ll include 80/20 analyses on how to prepare for your first day efficiently, what to focus on during your slope session, and I’ll even throw in a post-shred breakdown for efficient muscle recovery and memory retention for the skills you just learnt.

Is 4 hours realistic? Most definitely, and I’ll explain how you’ll be using Parkinson’s Law to master the basics of snowboarding in such a short time.

Note: I am assuming that you already have your snowboard gear sorted. This is a skill-based tutorial, with a couple of gear tips thrown in.

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The Frenchies are at it again! Pierre Chaffour and some of the Slack.Fr crew got together at Cirque de Sordidon, in the infamous Verdon Gorge to rig some epic lines and have some fun!
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Epic Photo of the Week

The Epic Photo of the Week goes to this nuts shot, sent to me by friend and highlining mentor, James Clulow.
“The photo was taken over Easter Weekend at the Gorges du Verdon. Julien and Tancrède (Flight of the Frenchies) were there to rig and open a new BASEline in the Verdon.”

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