Self-Experiment | Does Slacklining really improve your Snowboarding?

I want to address one question I get asked, a hypothesis I set out to the French mountains with recently:

Does Slacklining really help with Snowboarding?

I was a complete snowboarding beginner, and with an interest in learning skills super-fast, I wanted to see if my slacklining balance really was transferable to the snow.

Here’s what happened…

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Take your shoes OFF: Natural Movement Seminar @ Balance, London

Moving to a city as large as London can be a daunting experience…until synchronicity comes in to play…

Stumbling across Balance Physio’s (appropriately named) tweets, I spotted a free lecture was being held all about barefoot running and natural movement. Perfect! I signed myself up, not really knowing what I was doing but trusting my gut…

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