Video | Slackline Backflip finally landed @ Locker 27!!

The Autumnal months have been productive on the flipping front! Since starting my internship at the super hardcore strength and conditioning gym, Locker 27, I’ve had some indoor space and time to practice the ever illusive slackline backflip.

I’m currently creating a tutorial on how to do this explosive precision movement; what has long been considered the holy grail of slackline tricks, as there is currently no decent information on the net, whatsoever!

I started with learning standing backflips on the floor – something I had wanted to stick for years and years – then progressing to slackline backflips attempts over soft-ish grass. I have started cross-training in gymnastics, so I used the trampoline to my advantage, learning how to backflip and land on the cross in the middle of the tramp. Going back to the slackline with trampoline confidence helped a load, as did setting up the mats at Locker 27.

The consistency isn’t quite there, yet. I have thrown over 100 of these things, and landed less than 5% clean. However, with every 10 attempts, I feel like I understand the process needed to stick it, and know that consistency will come with more repetition. I hope I can share with you what I’ve learnt along this journey so that you, too can learn the slackline backflip!

Stay tuned for the tutorial!


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