I have been wearing Marmot’s latest ninja softshell for about three weeks non-stop now. I’ve taken it to granite-carved waterfalls, hiked into abandoned quarries and even waltzed into yoga studios, every time looking, and feeling like I’ve just killed Bill. Putting the Alpinist Hybrid through its paces, here’s the lowdown on just how much I dig this insulated jacket…

Alpinist Hybrid Jacket in action at Goredale Scar Highline, UK

Product: Alpinist Hybrid Jacket #72260

Athletic Fit available in S, M, L, XL, XXL  – I have the L

Weight: 436.6 g

Colours: All black ninja, or my personal favourite, Black with Kill Bill yellow zips!
(Cinder 1415)

PRIMALOFT insulation on the front (translates as warm core and more)

POLARTEC Power Stretch Pro Fleece (translates as cozy, homie) to hug your forearms, back and even your head with the extra special stretchy hood that makes you look like a ninja
[100% Nylon Ripstop DWR 0.8 oz/yd | POLARTEC® Power Stretch® Pro, 53% Polyester 38% Nylon 9% Elastane 7.2 oz/yd | 65% Nylon 20% Polyester 15% Elastane Stretch 7.4 oz/ yd]

This is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing I’ve owned in the last few years. It does the job of about 3 layers in one, especially when you deploy the speed-skater hood! It’s super light weight, easy to wash, and steezy to rock; ‘Japanese B-boy’ was my most recent compliment.

Forearm Factor
The PowerStretch fleece on the forearms really does hug your musculature in such a way to enable a good blood flow to the hands, keeping them warm without much need for gloves.
And as an added bonus, the thumb-holes in the sleeves means at least half of your hands are covered in fleece. Sounds minimal, but covering your hand with just a little more PowerStretch really tells your body that warmth is on its way. Plus it’s faster than putting on gloves. It’s little practical advantages like this that really make performance clothing worth the investment; cutting out the faff so you can have more fun instead.

Outside Life
Personally, I really dig using this insular layer when out amongst mother nature. A recent chainsaw wooding mission comprising of pressing and hauling heavy logs was complimented by the free range of motion I experienced in the shoulder region. The fitted nature of the jacket means you can get away with the most complex of movements, without worrying about snags or restrictions; a must have for any outdoor activist.

Insular Cocktail
So it’s chilly out there. You’re belaying your main man as he scales a 30m stack of polished limestone, trying to keep the bloodflow to your toes. Deploy the hood, poke thumbs through sleeve and add a hat to the mix, it’s only a matter of minutes before your core temperature starts to rise. Back to the task at hand.
I actually scaled said wall in the Yorkshire Dales, seconding a fairly simple, yet dauntingly tall trad route (my second trad climb) wearing the Alpinist Hybrid. I didn’t need the hood or the sleeve extensions, and unzipping the collar just a touch meant that my body temp stayed balanced for the entire duration of the climb. No rips or tears to the PRIMALOFT front, either.
Stoked, warm and smiling!

The ultra reflective Marmot logo works a treat – camera flashes and even car headlights pick up the jacket from a distance.
I’ve been using the side arm pocket for handies such as my head torch and even for my Ipod – ideal for working out. When highlining, I just switch to the inside zip pocket to make sure no wires are in the way.

Available: Now

Where:  Marmot Store London
136 The Street
Westfield Stratford City
London E20 1EN

Tel.: +44 2085341207

Opening Hours:
Mo. – Fr.: 10.00-21.00
Sa.: 9.00-21.00
Su.: 12.00-18.00



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