This hat became a source of slackline notoriety recently. Allow me to explain.
3 am, pitch black and all I can smell is gas. Myself and fellow members of Team Land Pirates were rigging a rogue highline; 50m of webbing strung across a disused gas-tank crater. It was so cold, the frigid atmosphere created mists from our exhalations. But at least my head was toasty. 3rd person cameras would have shown heat vapours seeping from the Retro Pom, my latest headwear item from the lovelies over at Marmot. What better location to test its warmth-factor than on a rogue night rigging mission in the middle of autumn?

Product: Marmot Retro Pom Hat #95170

Material: Stretchy acrylic with micro-fleece lining
50% Wool
50% Acrylic

Colours: Team Red / Black (other colour schemes available; purple and black looks awesome!)

Sizes: One Size Fits All

Retro Pom in action


If Run DMC and Santa put out a clothing line, this would be their first piece of headwear. The bold Marmot font, blocked in between the classic colours really makes this an eye catcher, even from a distance.
I’ve been rocking the Pom everyday for the last two weeks, putting it through a variety of life situations, from minimalist chores like chopping wood, all the way to walking rogue highlines in the nude!
The first thing I noticed when I put this hat on was the weighty, snug fit. The insular properties of the wool and micro-fleece provide the cosy factor, whilst the acrylic gives the hat some chunk, some substance.

Chopping Wood
I recently had 1 ton of chopped wood that needed splitting with an axe to delve into. 6 degrees Celsius and could barely feel my toes. Within 10 minutes of sorting and moving tools around, the cranial heat wave was building. After 15 minutes, the Pom had done its job splendidly, leaving a vacuum of heat-release as I pulled it off my head. Cue *Uber-Fresh-Feeling* as the cool winter air circulates your steaming noggin.

Red Alert

Cycling Around
Similarly, the 15 minute warm-up rule applied with riding my bike as it did with chopping wood. Cycling provides a thermal challenge of generating a constant cool breeze in your face, yet the Pom did a great job of maintaining warmth all over my head. No need to take it off this time. Just right.

Washing the Pom couldn’t be easier. Just throw it in the machine at 30 degrees and watch the glistening whites and blood reds return with splendour.

Overall I dig the Retro Pom. Bold, Toasty and layered with steez.
Grab yourself one for the coming iceage, you won’t be disappointed.

Available: Now

Where:  Marmot Store London
136 The Street
Westfield Stratford City
London E20 1EN

Tel.: +44 2085341207

Opening Hours:
Mo. – Fr.: 10.00-21.00
Sa.: 9.00-21.00
Su.: 12.00-18.00




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