How I beat Back Pain with Pilates: Week 12


No class for me today, as four days ago I endured a rather ugly sprain to my right LCL in my knee. I was wheelchair-bound and on crutches for the first day, just crutches on the second, hobbling on the third and now today, I’m walking around slowly with less of a limp.

I aim to be back at Pilates next week. Today was back to my homework, which I can manage all of apart from side-kick series. My leg is a little stiff and still a bit bruised, but I’m confident that I will be good to get back on a line in a couple of weeks.

The sprain happened at the Outdoors Show 2012, which I attended as part of the Maverick Slackline Team. It was a fantastic weekend. I really felt how much of a difference stretching in the evenings and doing my Pilates has made for the better. My body was in peak condition for the whole 4 days of full-on slacklining. It was unfortunate I took a sprain on the last day but I think my recovery will be a speedy one thanks to all the hard work I’ve put in over the last two months.


Homework – could feel my lack of stamina, after having only 4 days off. Regaining my connections, slowly but surely. Knee is feeling better – went out for a walk on it today, tried some gentle hackysack to limber up the stiffness. Could feel tightness in my deep hamstring just above and behind the knee on the back of my right leg. Glad I can get out and walk on it though.

Check out next week’s post, Week 13, to see how my knee heals and how I undergo another little lesson in anatomy…


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