May 13th was the annual Stroke Association Thames Valley Bike Ride, and I was invited to do what I do best….

Very impressive after a day’s cycling!

I set up with fellow Maverick Team Rider Jake White to provide a day of slacklining fun for all those families and friends of the tired cyclists coming through the finish line.


The setup was very simple – 2 workshop lines and one beast of a trickline for our performances.
The live band accompanied us for our 10 minute shows, which brought forth various bursts of applause and a collage of jaw-drops. As soon as I announced “Now it’s your turn!” the queues for the workshop lines began to tail back!
A big thanks goes to the wonderful Carly and Tara for making my day run so smoothly!

Harry Cloudfoot is a Slackline Instructor based in London. If you would like to book Harry for performance, workshops or corporate events, please contact him here.

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