Epic Photo of the Week

The Epic Photo of the Week goes to this nuts shot, sent to me by friend and highlining mentor, James Clulow.
“The photo was taken over Easter Weekend at the Gorges du Verdon. Julien and Tancrède (Flight of the Frenchies) were there to rig and open a new BASEline in the Verdon.”

“..This was the day before they were supposed to open it. Julien, Tancrède and Mich Kemeter wanted to do a BASE jump from the cliffs. I had come along to watch them BASE jump and still had my harness on after sending the 35m line that we rigged. They asked me to walk the line for some epic photos while they were jumping. On standby were photographers Pedro Pimentel and Alexandre Buisse. Tancrède went first throwing a massive double backflip, then Mich jumped underneath the line while I was walking it. Julien went last throwing a big slow gainer and Alexandre managed to snap this awesome shot. Was a pretty EPIC way to finish the day and the weekend.”

Photo: Alexandre Buisse“My favorite shot from Verdon: Julien Millot doing a BASE backflip while James Clulow highlines above Marches du Temps at sunset.
New record for how many cool things I can cram in a single frame!”

Julien Millot throws a phat Gainer BASE jump with James sending the highline.


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