Boy Scouts of America approve Slacklining

“The BSA’s (Boy Scouts of America) Health and Safety team officially OK’d the extreme sport this week for all Scout units, districts, and councils.”

Link for the full article is at the end of the post.

“And now that slacklining has the BSA’s blessing, anything is possible. If (Andy) Lewis gets his way, that would include a Slacklining merit badge.

“If that happens, I’m interested in helping write the pamphlet,” he said.

This is great news for Slacklining! The Scouts really are a well organised troop. The american organisation even has their own guidelines to follow, too. Fantastic!
I am really looking forward to working with a couple of Scout groups this summer, doing workshops and demonstrations for them in the UK.

April 23rd  Slacklining with the Scouts
@ Coram’s Park, London

July 7th Slacklining @ Gilwell Park Fun Day
From 9am

To book Harry to run workshops and demos at your event, contact him here.

Click here to read the full article.


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