Friends of mine Dean and Nadeem have been in the positive media spotlight for their highlining skills! Well done guys! This is actually one of the best representations of highlining that the media have done thus far – so extra well done to D and N for not letting them twist your words or get their facts wrong!
My favourite quote has got to be Dean’s “It’s an ‘ed game” !

Click this photo to watch the video on Vimeo directly

Check it out by clicking on the photo above to watch the video on Vimeo’s page.
You can’t embed the video for some reason…
Or you can watch it on ITV’s page here, too.


How I beat Back Pain with Pilates: Week 8

Lessons learnt so far..

Collage of several of Gray's muscle pictures, ...

I’m about half-way through my back rehabilitation journey and I wanted to share what I’ve found to be useful lessons for decreasing my back pain..

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If you thought this was a literal step-by-step guide on how to highline, that you could learn the art of it all from one blog post, then congratulations! You’re definitely not ready to highline yet! But if you’re still hungry to get into such a thing, then read on…

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How I beat Back Pain with Pilates: Week 7

Monday – Didn’t do homework. Lazy and bad, I know. No excuses.

Tuesday – Came back from London – did my homework in the evening after a nap, as I was exhausted. Still have bruised ribs on left side, still have bad left wrist. Tried to increase the pace a little of the homework, taking shorter rests – if at all – between exercises.

Wednesday – Ass-whoopin’ from the Reformer! Check the video below…

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Epic Photo of the Week

The Epic Photo of the Week goes to this nuts shot, sent to me by friend and highlining mentor, James Clulow.
“The photo was taken over Easter Weekend at the Gorges du Verdon. Julien and Tancrède (Flight of the Frenchies) were there to rig and open a new BASEline in the Verdon.”

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How to spend a Sunday with Ben Skelton | Maverick Team Rider

Latest video from friend and fellow Maverick Team Rider, Ben Skelton.
One thing I love is how consistent Ben’s style is on the line.
Just how many bounces is that on the third combo!?