UK Slackliners heading to Vibram Natural Games 2012

The UK Maverick Slackline Team are coming over the France for the Vibram Natural Games in June!

Thibaut got in touch to invite a few of us over for the trickline comp – with a kind expenditure and Maverick’s help, at least 8 of us will be coming over to represent! We’re especially excited about showcasing what we’ve been up to here in the UK and meeting many members from the international community! Can’t wait to get our convoy road trip on the move and we’ll be reporting back all the crazy adventures.
I am especially stoked about the comp and highlining opportunities – we’re also really happy to be bringing our youngest team rider Lloyd with us, who has been shredding hard recently. Rumour has it it’s also his birthday on the trip, too!

Here are some videos from the last couple of years to wet your appetite and get you hyped! See you there!

Music at the festival

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