Take your shoes OFF: Natural Movement Seminar @ Balance, London

Moving to a city as large as London can be a daunting experience…until synchronicity comes in to play…

Stumbling across Balance Physio’s (appropriately named) tweets, I spotted a free lecture was being held all about barefoot running and natural movement. Perfect! I signed myself up, not really knowing what I was doing but trusting my gut…

There were two parts to the lecture. The first was all about barefoot principles, presented by Vivo Barefoot Running Coach Naeem Akram, the second, all about natural movement, presented by Darryl Edwards, The Fitness Explorer.

Too much went down to write all about it here and now, but I will say that these two guys spoke from the heart and the knowledge they shared was very encouraging, not to mention how mobile and agile these two dudes were for their age! Amazing.
Naeem spoke about connections between joints and muscle groups – stuff I have been covering with my Pilates rehab and am now beginning to feel and understand quite well. He also mentioned angles of the big toe in relation to how much torque force is generated in the ankle joints and knee joints – a very interesting point and something that can be transferred most definitely to the slackline. As well as posting up some scary shit with regards to how shoes form our feet for the worse…

We explored some natural, primal movements and played some games with everyone in attendance and really had quite a laugh. And it felt just so damn good to take my shoes OFF! Darryl really hit home with me with his P.R.I.M.A.L.I.T.Y. mnemonic, especially P standing for PLAYFUL:

You learn your limits through play

I couldn’t agree more. Play is something I experiment with on the slackline, and hearing Darryl say the above really rekindled my passion for exploring balance via play some more.

On April 1st, Darryl and Naeem are hosting ‘MOVE’, a 3 hour session of natural movement playtime. The session is £25 and you can expect even more group madness like we sampled at the lecture…There may even be a little slackline after session to play around with, too…


See you April 1st!



2 thoughts on “Take your shoes OFF: Natural Movement Seminar @ Balance, London

  1. Was great to meet you at our place in Clapham and now im looking forward to finally playing on a , with your guidance, having toyed with the idea for a couple of years now. As you say it’s great meeting people who share your passion. That’s what Balance Performance is all about. Not just those on the permanent team in Clapham and Fulham but everyone in our professional network in London, UK and internationally shares a passion for returning people to health, fitness, wellness and maximal performance. Whatever the profession effective practice always involves effective, mindful, quality, intuitive, imaginative movement.

    Cheers, Jonathan Lewis (www.crosscore180.co.uk)

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